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Molly Colleen O'Connell

Why Do Spiders Drink From My Mouth While I'm Sleeping ?
Julius Caesar Gallery
3311 W Carroll Ave
Up through April 4th, Gallery hours : Sundays 1-4 pm

"The trolls could change their shape and take on any sort of form, such as hollowed out trees, stumps, animals, skeins of yarn, rolling balls, etc."
- Gunnar Olof Hyltén-Cavallius, 1868

"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog."
- Peter Steiner, 1993

Molly Colleen O’Connell spins twisted, contemporary fairy tales riddled with objects and characters that teeter between the comedic and grotesque. Incorporating crafting techniques such as candle making and papier-mâché, her vibrant installations and videos seduce and subsume viewers into a fantastic realm. But beneath the glitter and disco ball lurks something sinister: a den of internet trolls. Preferring the safety of their anonymous identities, these diaper-clad creatures’ devious machinations implicate viewers in unsettling ways. Offering a rare ethnographic portrayal, MCO invites viewers to their lair.

TBA ( duo show w/ Mel Cook )
Roots & Culture gallery
1034 N Milwaukee Ave
Opening May 18